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My rules
  • Don't even try to cheat us - you'll be detected (100%) and punished!
  • No iframes, consoles, trojans and viruses on your pages!
  • Use of spyware/adware/malware is forbidden
  • Use of sponsors like LoudCash, ZangaToolbar and the like is forbidden
  • Use of VideoCash gals and other sponsors with non-standard codecs is forbidden
  • Your site must have at least 50% skim
  • Minimum trade 50 hits/day
  • Trade with low productivity or non active trade will be deleted without notice
  • You need to have a toplist on your site
  • No subdomains allowed
  • Please, only 100% bbw MPGs or BBW legal tube (duration of video <300 sec) sites start trade
  • Your trade will be disabled by default.
    You should send 30-60 hits and message me on ICQ!
  • Please, be more concrete in your messages. I won’t respond to the phrases like "hi", "hello", "are you here?"

My Info
Email snake {[at]]
Nick Snake
ICQ 239523219
Site nameFat Porn Tube

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